our aparthotels during COVID-19 

It is a complex situation with regard to hotels and the COVID-19 pandemic. Hotels generally must close and suspend commercial activities during the current lockdown. However, we believe that in keeping our doors open our suites can provide an important service that will help some people and groups thoughout this difficult time.

How We can help?

The government lockdown orders all non-essential businesses and premises must shut. However, our doors are staying open because we are offering accommodation to two special groups of people.

The first is those who need an “interim abode” because their primary residence is unavailable. This could be because they need to self-isolate away from their family, or because they are high-risk individuals living with people who leave the house regularly.

The second group is key workers who need a place to stay in the town/city whilst they support vital services. The most obvious example is healthcare workers.  There are other categories of key workers, including those in essential education and childcare roles, public service broadcasters, food providers and those keeping essential, basic utilities running.

Aparthotel safety during self-isolation

We have changed our operational practices and policies to account for the danger posed by the coronavirus. We have restricted our staff service so that there is no need for person-to-person contact, and implemented practices that make our aparthotels as safe a place as possible to self-isolate in (See below for more detailed information).

Contact us For More Information:

If you need to self-isolate or if you’re a key worker in need of clean, short-term accommodation in Doncaster, we can help. Please get in touch using our Contact Form or email info@cityspaceuk.com, and we will do everything we can to give you a safe and secure place to stay throughout the lockdown. 

Special Preventative Measures

~We are committed to upholding the highest levels of quality and cleaning standards in all our apartments.

~ We are well stocked with disinfectant cleaning products. Our housekeeping teams have been trained on their correct use throughout all our properties including apartments, communal areas, gyms, staff areas and offices etc.

~ Information posters for guests are displayed in all reception areas.

~ Fact sheets for guests are distributed to all apartments.

~ Information posters are displayed in all employee areas.

~ We have sent direct communication regarding the pandemic to all employees. This includes information on preventative hygiene measures, self-isolation, how to identify the symptoms and ways to communicate this to our management team.

Action In The Event of Infection

~ The guest(s) are advised to call the management team via their room phone, self-isolate immediately and not visit reception areas or move around anywhere else within the building.

~ They will be advised to contact NHS 111 for further guidance.

~ Self-isolating guests will, if necessary, be able to remain in their apartment beyond their check-out date at the same daily rate as that of their original booking.

~ Throughout their period of self-isolation, guests who are unable to order food and other necessary supplies online will be assisted to do so by our management team.

~ During this period of self-isolation, the occupied apartment will not be cleaned but clean linen and towels will be provided as usual.

~ Self-isolating guests will be expected to keep management informed of their condition.

~ Subsequent bookings for any apartment affected by an extended stay as above will be moved to another apartment, where this is not possible a booking may need to be cancelled (full refunds will apply).

~ After a self-isolating guest checks out, their apartment will be thoroughly deep-cleaned by an approved external contractor in accordance with the latest standards set out by the government.

~ We will keep all personnel updated on whether a guest’s infection is suspected or confirmed. Where an infection is confirmed we will also inform all other guests in the same property as well as their relevant booking channel or agent.

~ In this event we will contact all guests (plus their relevant booking channel or agent) who have stayed in the property during the previous 14 days.

Guests Must:

~ Keep a safe distance of 2 metres from any management team members or fellow guests encountered in the halls or entrance.

~ Wear a face covering at all times when in halls, entrances and reception areas.

~ Use the hand sanitiser dispensers that are situated in entrances and receptions areas.

~ Let us know before arrival if you present any symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19 (confirmed or suspected).